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Reliable and Expert Tax Services from Muller and Partners


For more than 36 years, Muller and Partners has offered our valued clients excellent tax services, adding value to their lives and businesses, and making sure that they are entirely SARS compliant in all of their business practices. Our client list extends to farmers, retailers, individuals, professionals, wholesalers, builders and restaurants, among others.


We have a team of trained professionals who are all accredited members of the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners. It is always best to have the support of tax professionals on your side, to make sure that you remain fully tax compliant. As with any sector, new laws, updates and regulations are passed throughout the year. If you or your company do not dedicate the time to keep up with all of these complex laws, then you run the risk of either paying more tax than you should or falling askew of the law. Don’t let this happen!


Should You Pay Income Tax Returns?


As of 2014, if you earn more than R70 700 in the 2014 year of assessment and are younger than 65 years, then you are required to pay income tax. In order to ensure SARS compliance as an economically active citizen, you should register for income tax with SARS. Muller and Partners can assist you by registering with SARS on your behalf. This is just one more way that we are working hard to offer tangible value to the lives of our valued clients.


We are passionate about our sector and continue to work hard to meet the stringent standards and expectations of both our business and private clients. When partnering with Muller and Partners for affordable tax services, you can rest assured, knowing that your tax affairs are in the hands of true professionals.


Completing and Submitting Your Tax Return


Muller and Partners can assist you with completing and submitting your tax returns. Many people find it taxing to do this, pun intended, and we take the effort and hassle out of submitting your tax returns. When completing your returns, we will need the following documentation from you:


  • Your IRP5: This is your tax certificate that you receive from your employer;
  • The certificates that you have received for any local interest income earned;
  • Any other relevant information and documents that relate to income that you have received in the tax year; and
  • Detailed list of your medical expenses that you paid throughout the year, as well as any medical scheme contributions that you made.


There is other documentation that you will also require when taking care of your returns and our tax professionals will advise you on everything that you will need. We are proud of our many decades of great service to our valued clients, and we continue to offer the expertise and quality service that you expect from an industry leader.


To learn more about Muller and Partners’ tax services and how they can benefit you, simply contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to take care of all of your tax affairs.


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