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Why Taxation Consultants May Be the Best Route for Your Company to Take

Tax preparation can be a headache for any business owner. For small to medium sized businesses in South Africa who need to turn every penny around three times, raising an internal accounting department from the ground up can be an expensive operation. It is because of this that more and more companies are opting for taxation consultants. This allows the business to access the expertise of tax professionals who are up to date with the very latest SARS requirements, and can help the company take care of its tax preparation without the burden of more full-time salaries. You only pay for the taxation services that you need and will not have to commit to hiring another staff member. Besides, taxation specialists can be expensive to hire full time and bring in-house. Taxation consultants tailor their services around your business and provide you with solutions to your needs. You don’t pay a...
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Save Money and Time with Outsourced Accountants in Pretoria

What is more valuable to your business than money? Your time is more valuable, aside from your workforce. As a small to medium sized hands-on business owner, you wear many hats – director, HR specialist, team leader, motivational speaker and accountant. As your business grows, you can hire people to take some of these responsibilities off your shoulders, but until that time arrives, your time will be spread thin. One way in which you can access accounting expertise instantly, without the expense and delays associated with recruiting and hiring accounting professionals, is to use professional outsourced accountants in Pretoria. Your time is far too valuable to spend hours of your week behind a computer trying to balance the books. Instead, you should be spending your time where it really matters – on income generating tasks. Let true professionals see to keeping your books balanced and providing you with all of the accounting...
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Business Valuations

Why You Need an Outside Expert with Business Valuations Whenever you would like to buy an existing business, sell yours or divide a business between different parties, getting an independent outside business valuation is in the best interests of all parties involved. An outside expert provides insight that is fair and unbiased, taking a clerical approach to evaluating the business. Various aspects are considered when arriving at a business valuation. These include operating expenses and accounts receivable for the company. However, there are several approaches to business valuations. A common approach is to measure the worth of the company against numerous comparable public companies. This is referred to as a market approach. Financial buyers tend to use this approach, which is in partly based on discounted future financial returns. There is a more seldom used approach, referred to as the cost approach, and it measures the replacement cost of assets. It is adjusted...
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