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Consisting of Income Tax, VAT, Employees Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty.

In this area we are able to :

Consult and implement any tax matter from simple to advanced matters (including Reported tax cases)

Estate duty to the amount of R 3 220 000 was saved by proper planning of one of our clients. All assets must be taken into account for estate planning. Sometimes clients “forget” about insurance policies which are also assets for estate duty purposes. a Trust can be functional but it is of the utmost importance to d

An amount of R1 211 675.00 was saved after objections were lodged with SARS i.r.o. Capital Gains Tax, Income tax, penalties and interest, which were incorrectly levied.

A client commissioned lawyers to draw up various sale agreements.  We advised the lawyers to amend the agreements which lead to a saving in Capital Gains Tax for the amount of  R 700 000.

Register your operation at the relevant departments

Since 12 May 2014 the manner of registration for tax & customs and the update of existing details has changed. SARS now has a ‘Single Registration’ for a taxpayer across all taxes paid and associated legal entities. From a taxpayer’s view, one will only have to register once as a new taxpayer and there-after add only the relevant details when starting to pay for example VAT.  The process to update existing details will also much easier

Single Registration will be phased in, starting with:

  • Single registration of taxpayers.
  • A simplified process to apply for:
    • Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
    • Income Tax (including Provisional Tax)
    • Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE)
    • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
    • Customs and Excise

Apply and obtain Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)

Handle all queries from SARS on your behalf

  • Review assessments issued by SARS to determine the accuracy and if not accurate to lodge an objection or appeal to the tax court or ombudsman.
  • Attend to tax audits regarding income tax, VAT, employee’s tax, estate duty etc.
  • Employment Tax Incentive (ETI). Supporting Data Requirements.

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